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Neighborhood Composting

Updated: Dec 13, 2017

Creating solutions to composting within Akron's neighborhoods.

Community Dream Exercise Results:

Community Assets:


Business Plan:

Best Practices:

School Composting Guide

Neighborhood Composting Resources and Examples

Austin Example

Small Bicycle Companies

Crowdfunding Info for Composting

Suggestions and Examples a Portland ME program of curbside and business compost

Suggeted Organizational Tools:

All organizational tools can be facilitated by The Big Love Network or The Big love Network can share the facilitation tools recomneded. Please E-mail

-- Power Analysis

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Hands On Sustainability 2025 is grateful for all of our community partners especially:

The conference is named in honor of the year 2025 bein-g the 25th anniversary of the Cuyahoga Valley National  Park's (CVNP) official recognition as a national park. We see The CVNP as an incredible natural resource, inspirati-on, and driving force behind our initiatives. We hope to  actualize biomimicry, mimicking the natural world, of the CVNP into the facilitation of our programs and system de-signs that surround sustainability in the City of Akron and Summit County.


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